Living in Southern California it’s easy to become accustomed to driving in pleasant weather. Even though car crashes can happen in any weather conditions, changes in weather, such as rain and snow, can become hazardous conditions regardless of driving experience.

After months of dry hot weather, a sudden rain can make streets slick and dangerous. Rain in southern California can be everything from a few sprinkles to a sudden, short heavy downpour. The first 10 minutes after rain begins are the most dangerous when he rain mixes with oil from motor vehicles and creates a slipper condition on the road.
Drivers need to take extra care.

  • Wet roads can double your stopping distance
  • Brake linings could become wet
  • Old windshield wipers can impair visibility
  • When there is a lot of water, hydroplaning can happen at speeds as low as 30 mph
  • Moving and/or deep water can interfere with steering and braking
  • Under-inflated tires, or tires with low tread can interfere with control of your vehicle on slippery roads

Car crashes occur in the mountainous areas ,

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