Whether a light rain or huge downpour, it is important to concentrate fully on every aspect of your driving.

The first 10 minutes after light rain begins are the most dangerous. The moisture hits the oil and grime on the road and can make the road very slippery for both motor vehicles and pedestrians. If it rains hard and long enough, the rain washes off the oil and the slippery conditions are reduced.

  • When driving during any wet or rainy conditions, it is important to stay alert.
  • Increase the driving distance between you and the car ahead.
  • Signal well ahead and change lanes with caution
  • Turn on  your headlights
  • Turn off your radio, cell phone and any other distraction
  • No texting!
  • Slow down gradually when coming to a stop sign or red light.
  • To reduce chances of hydroplaning – slow down.
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